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Sterling Commerce
Partner Type: Independent Software Vendor
Partner Since: 2005
About Sterling Commerce
Sterling Commerce is a software company that helps our customers optimize and transform their Business Collaboration Network inside and outside the enterprise quickly, easily, and securely so they can accelerate revenues and reduce costs. Specifically, we help enterprises connect, communicate and collaborate with their customers, partners and suppliers by providing solutions that enable seamless integration of key business processes, and with applications that transform the way companies do business.

Sterling Commerce integration solutions enable seamless integration of key business processes, and our applications streamline the commerce lifecycle from selling to fulfillment to payments. With Sterling Commerce Integration Solutions and Applications, our customers are able to drive growth, adapt to change, enhance their performance, and protect their enterprise.

At Sterling Commerce we're dedicated to providing a superior customer experience with comprehensive global services for implementation, education, support. And, we offer a range of services from remote management to fully managed, on-demand or hosted, as well as services for community development and management of suppliers and trading partners.

For over 30 years, Sterling Commerce has enabled industry-leading companies to engage in productive collaboration inside and outside their enterprise quickly, easily and securely, to accelerate revenue and reduce costs. With our solutions, you can drive best practices for seamless and secure integration of key business processes, and streamline the way you do business around the commerce lifecycle, from selling to fulfillment to payments.

More than 30,000 customers worldwide, including 82 percent of the FORTUNEĀ® 500, use Sterling Commerce solutions for business process integration, secure file transfers, multi-channel selling, supply chain fulfillment, and payment management. Sterling Commerce, An AT&T Company, is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and has offices in 24 countries in most major cities. Our extensive business experience, industry recognition, and the financial resources of our parent company, AT&T, make it easy to see why you can depend on us.

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