System Requirements
Product Requirements Notes
Operating System Windows Server 2019 (Core or Desktop Experience)
Windows Server 2016 (Core or Desktop Experience)
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows 10
Windows 8, 8.1
Windows 7

* Windows Server 2008
* Windows Vista
The latest service packs and security fixes are recommended for all of the operating systems.

Both 32 and 64-bit operating systems are supported. For more information on using Progistics in a 64-bit environment, see Using Progistics with 64-bit Operating Systems.

* Use of these operating systems is strongly discouraged because they are past or nearing Microsoft end-of-life. Data transmission to certain carrier servers will not be supported due to unsupported security requirements.

NTFS file system Proper operation on FAT or FAT32 is not guaranteed.
Software Requirements

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later.

.NET 4.5 or higher is recommended and may be required due to some carriers' secure communication requirements using TLS.

The recommended method for installing the .NET Framework is via Windows Update.
Any of the following: (optional)
SQL Server 2017
SQL Server 2016
SQL Server 2014
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2008
Oracle 12c
Oracle 11g
Oracle 10g
Oracle 9i
Required if using SQL Server or Oracle instead of a local SQL Server Express instance.

See Database Use and Distributed Installation for more information.

Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.1 or later (optional)


The "ASP" and "IIS Management Scripts and Tools" features/roles must be enabled when using IIS 6.0 and later.

IIS 6.0 or later is required for optional AMP hosting in IIS.

Certain product functionality requires IIS. This includes the XML Processor, ChainLink, ConnectShip Warehouse (server and configuration pages), and ConnectShip Advisor server.

If you are using IIS 6.0 or later, see Progistics and IIS for important information.

Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) Service (optional) The MSDTC service must be running to use the TransAPIPooled COM+ object. The XML Processor uses the TransAPIPooled object, so the service must be running when using those XML Processor. This service is typically installed and set to run automatically when Windows is installed.
Hardware Requirements 1.0 GHz or higher CPU, 512 MB or more RAM (2.0+ GHz CPU and 2+ GB RAM recommended) Actual minimum requirements will be determined by the type of operating system and other installed software.
15 GB Hard Disk Space (minimum) Actual required space will be determined by the number of optional components installed and database storage requirements.
Display resolution of 1024x768 or larger Required for the Progistics Managment Console and ConnectShip Warehouse and Advisor clients.
Internet Connectivity Operations such as licensing, and some carrier data uploading, require Internet access.
Revision History
16-Jan-2019Added Windows Server 2019 (Core) to list of supported operating systems.
28-Aug-2018Added Windows Server 2016 (Core) to list of supported operating systems.
1-Jun-2018Added recommendation for .NET 4.5 or higher due to security requirements.
15-Jan-2018Added SQL Server 2017 to list of supported databases.
21-Jul-2017Added SQL Server 2016 SP1 CU3 to list of supported databases.
2-Nov-2016Added Windows Server 2016 (with Desktop Experience) to list of supported operating systems.
16-Sep-2016Added SQL Server 2016 to list of supported databases.