USPS (Endicia)

Services and Origins Supported

For more details, please see the carrier-specific component documentation.
Country Service Name Additional Information
United StatesUSPS Commercial ePacket
USPS Consolidator International
USPS Endicia Global Service
USPS First-Class Mail (Endicia)
USPS First-Class Mail International (Endicia)
USPS International Priority Airmail
USPS International Surface Air Lift
USPS Library Mail (Endicia)
USPS Media Mail (Endicia)
USPS Parcel Select Ground (Endicia)
USPS Parcel Select Lightweight (Endicia)
USPS Priority Mail (Endicia)
USPS Priority Mail Express (Endicia)
USPS Priority Mail Express International (Endicia)
USPS Priority Mail International (Endicia)
USPS Retail Ground (Endicia)
1 country 16 services