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ProPack was founded in Blaine, Washington in 1991 with the goal of helping small-to-medium sized businesses from Canada succeed in shipping their product into the United States. Since then, they have expanded to six locations, employ over 200 people, and continue to grow their customer base, year after year.

“We want to partner with small-to-medium size companies in North America
that are looking for specialized logistics solutions that meet their supply chain needs.”

Phil Snyder
Vice President, Technology
When ProPack noticed process inefficiencies while shipping with multiple carriers, they began their search for one system that could be customized with business rules, automate decision making, eliminate process waste as well as allow for expansion for future business. After comparing alternatives, they chose CMS GlobalSoft’s WorldLink and CMS’s partner, ConnectShip. Learn more at propack.com and cmsglobalsoft.com.


In 2008, ProPack was using several different manifesting systems to ship packages. Reliance on each individual carrier’s shipping software made their operations difficult to scale and required their workforce to fully understand each system individually. Their processes took an immense amount of training, labor, and skill to complete orders. They wanted one system that could manage multiple carriers.


Integrating WorldLink, with ConnectShip as the carrier compliance engine, to their custom-built warehouse management system (WMS), ProPack has been able to offer a customized, robust and scalable solution to their clients. This provides for better end-to-end integration to the platforms their customers use like Shopify, Magento, NetSuite, WooCommerce, and many more.

Since implementing WorldLink in 2008, ProPack has expanded their operations across the country. New facilities in Utah and Tennessee have made it possible for them to offer 2-day ground shipping across 95% of the United States.

In 2017, they began their expansion to Canada and are currently utilizing WorldLink to solve the same challenges there that they had experienced in 2008. ProPack is working to consolidate multiple carrier-specific shipping systems and terminals into one highly customized solution to streamline their processes and cut costs.
"Implementing WorldLink has allowed us to provide our customers with fully customized solutions. Combined with our own custom built WMS, we are able to offer them process as well as software solutions, making us a true partner in their business."

Phil Snyder
Vice President, Technology

ProPack is able to manifest all shipments under one highly customized system. They have grown from two to six warehouses and process roughly 3,000 packages per day.

Most importantly, ProPack has gone from needing five computers to only two for the equivalent number of shipments, streamlining their processes and resulting in less training required for their employees. Building on WorldLink, ProPack is also able to further analyze labor metrics, saving them and their customers both time and money.
"Through customization, ProPack is able to select the most financially sound decision for their customers based on business rules and using fully automated rate comparisons."

Phil Snyder
Vice President, Technology

ProPack believes the addition of WorldLink to their shipping operations has given them a significant competitive advantage and with the customization and integration work Phil and his team have put in, WorldLink will continue to support them for the years to come.


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