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ConnectShip® UPS Toolkit

ConnectShip® UPS Toolkit is a set of development tools for incorporating shipping functionality into new or existing business applications. Toolkit, by enabling the deepest level of integration, provides a straightforward means for supporting shipping operations directly within enterprise, supply chain, and other e-business systems.

What can ConnectShip® UPS Toolkit do for you?

ConnectShip® UPS Toolkit provides total-order-visibility throughout the order pipeline, gives accurate rating and routing information, and allows for the selection of multiple carriers on a single system.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Support for UPS and LTL Carriers
  • Package Rating
  • Complete Visibility
  • Industry Approved
  • Document Generation
  • Thorough Documentation
  • Carrier Compliance
  • Central Server
  • Straightforward Integration
  • International Capabilities
  • Validated Support Network
  • Proficient Operations
  • Patented, Protected Technology

General Information

ConnectShip® UPS Toolkit comes complete with pre-built components that provide a solid base on which to build an integrated enterprise solution. It can be integrated with your existing enterprise applications, such as customer service, order entry and warehouse management systems. UPS Toolkit can seamlessly link each of your supply chain points to your shipping operations.

ConnectShip® UPS Toolkit is sold exclusively through UPS. Contact ConnectShip Solutions Support for more information.