What is a CPTE?

A CPTE (ConnectShip Progistics Technology Engineer) is an engineer who has attended the ConnectShip Training class, signed the CPTE agreement, paid the testing fee, and passed the CPTE exam. By passing the exam, an engineer has demonstrated understanding of the ConnectShip software. CPTEs provide for a smooth installation process with less down time.

What are the benefits of a CPTE designation?
  • Participation in the CPTE program satisfies requirements in the ConnectShip Value Added Reseller Agreement.
  • Engineers can add the CPTE logo to their email signature and business cards.
  • ConnectShip will indicate, on the Partners page of the ConnectShip website, the number of CPTEs that a company has on staff.

How do I become CPTE certified?

The first step is to complete the ConnectShip training course. Review the Course Schedule to see dates when training is offered. The second step is to pass the CPTE exam; testing over basic Progistics concepts and skills. The exam must be scheduled and completed within 90 days of signing the CPTE Agreement. A score of 75% is required to pass the exam, which can be completed over one week's time before being returned to the testing administrator. For inquiries about taking the exam and the fee for the test, Contact Us.

Once you pass the CPTE exam, you will receive your CPTE merchandise and can include the CPTE designation and logo in your email signature as well as on your business cards and website. A renewal exam is required every two years. A renewing CPTE may be required to attend training before taking the renewal exam. The renewal CPTE exam tests the knowledge of ConnectShip product enhancements within the last year, requiring the CPTE to stay current.

Additional Training Information