ConnectShip | iShip DSS

ConnectShip | iShip DSS is a lighter version of the PSS application that requires only a web browser and a printer to make shipping choices and print a plain paper label. DSS may be used as a stand-alone shipping solution and is often used by shippers with a central mailroom (such as universities, law firms, and accounting firms) to allow various campus locations to pre-process packages prior to their arrival at the central mailroom for rapid final processing using PSS.

A few features of DSS include:

  • Automatic rate selections (such as fastest or cheapest service)
  • Shared address books
  • Destination-based preferences
  • Highly configurable user-based charge code support
  • Single sign on

Used separately or together, both PSS and DSS provide individual users and organizations with powerful insight into the shipping taking place within the application. Cloud-based transaction records, reports, cost analyses, shipping volumes, and tracking data are readily available, regardless of the user location.

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