Overview of ConnectShip | iShip Shipping Solutions

We offer a range of multi-carrier software solutions, from simple stand-alone to deeply integrated, both hosted and locally installed. Contact our Sales department to determine which ConnectShip | iShip solution will best fit your current and future business demands.

On-Premise (Locally Installed) and Off-Premise (Cloud Hosted) Solutions

The type of ConnectShip | iShip solution that is best for you depends on your individual business needs, the amount of control you want over your data and processes, and how you plan to integrate your shipping system. Assessing your specific business needs and reviewing the pros and cons of each option is the first step to finding your perfect solution.

On-Premise Solutions
Our Progistics™ based on-premise (locally installed) solutions are designed for companies wanting complete control over all systems and data.

A few advantages to having software installed locally include:

  • More control over your system configuration and data
  • Servers located on-site
  • More control over data transmitted over the internet

Off-Premise Solutions
We offer a hosted ConnectShip Toolkit installation for customers who wish to minimize their initial investment and reduce long-term maintenance expenses. Toolkit Cloud is available in a pay-as-you-go model, and allows access to the ConnectShip API solution (Toolkit) functionality online, without the requirement to install a dedicated onsite server, reducing the need for IT resources.

Advantages of our Toolkit Cloud solution include:

  • Very little infrastructure requirement
  • Reduced burden on internal IT resources
  • Updates and maintenance handled for you