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One Component. 48 Carriers.

Countless Benefits to Your Business

Purchase the ConnectShip LTL Component

Get the New ConnectShip LTL and start shipping with top LTL carriers!

ConnectShip is proud to announce the latest, and largest-to-date, addition to the ConnectShip portfolio of shipping solutions. The new ConnectShip LTL provides access to 48 LTL carriers and features a direct connection to each for the most accurate rates and services, giving you even more power to optimize your supply chain. Supported shipping origins include the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Transmission Automation & Accuracy
Transmit shipment data to the appropriate carrier automatically, reducing potential for transmission errors or omissions.

Access Rates and Dates in Real-Time, Every Time
Ensure the accuracy of shipment data with ongoing access to real-time carrier rates, dates, and any contractual agreements.

Extensive LTL Coverage

One Component enables access to an international system of 48 LTL carriers.

Compliance Without the Complexity
Direct carrier management of contract-based rates and discounts simplifies the compliance process. Remove the need to maintain contract details and rates.

Powerful PROs
Powerful, informed decision making for maximimum impact. Allow users to choose between API-provided and user-entered PRO numbers. Users can make their selection based on their current volume or other factors specific to their individual business needs.

48 LTL Carriers in One

The ConnectShip LTL component provides access to the list of carriers below. ConnectShip LTL customers should register directly with each preferred carriers from the list below. Once carrier accounts are in place, users may enable each of their preferred carriers within the Progistics Management Console (PMC).

Featured Highlights:

Minimal Configuration Requirements
Less set-up time means you can get back to business faster.

Zero Requirement to Maintain, Purchase, or Load Carrier Rates
Ongoing access to real-time carrier rates and any applicable carrier discounts. Contracts and negotiated rates are managed by each carrier taking even more pressure off of users.

Automatic Transmission of All Shipment Data/Records
Shipment details and records are provided to the appropriate carriers automatically, removing room for transmission errors.

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