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Make the best shipping choices based on modes, rates, and transit times. We maintain strong relationships with global, national, and regional carriers so we can provide the latest rates and associated regulations.

And we don’t stop there. Our compliance team is always working to add new carriers and to maintain constantly changing carrier compliance rules. Going beyond U.S. domestic small package, we also support numerous LTL and international carriers.

Don’t see your preferred carrier below?

Our Global Server Component allows you to configure multiple full-featured local, regional, and international carriers that are outside of our existing carrier portfolio.

Our Custom LTL Component allows you to configure multiple LTL carriers with rates, discounts, tariffs, and commodity classes.

Carriers, your services can be accessed through ConnectShip!
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Carriers Supported

Origins Supported

ConnectShip solutions support shipping from these countries/territories to any destinations the carrier serves. Click a carrier above to see a list of available origins and services.

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