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ConnectShip | iShip Toolkit

ConnectShip | iShip Toolkit is an API designed to integrate shipping into other applications. It provides tracking numbers, shipping rates, and shipping labels and other documents required by package and freight carriers.


Toolkit integrates with other systems and provides shipping data anywhere in the order process. Possible benefits of integrating Toolkit with your order process include:

  • Shipping rates and delivery dates available at order time
  • Cut costs by making informed shipping decisions
  • Accurate shipping rates for your retail website
  • Fewer address correction charges with address validation
Your customer service representatives can give customers accurate shipping quotes and delivery dates so they can make informed shipping decisions

In addition to integrating with and other business systems, Toolkit can be centrally located to serve the shipping needs of a global enterprise. It can handle a high volume of shipping requests, and is scalable to grow with your business.

Carrier Compliance

Toolkit allows the incorporation of custom carriers if additional small package or freight carriers are required beyond the natively supported carriers.

  • Ship with carriers from over 50 countries
  • Create custom carriers and services
  • Create custom documents, such as a shipping label with your logo or a packing list with a standard shipping label
  • Upload electronic manifests to carriers
  • Maintain carrier compliance while consolidating numerous carrier-specific stations into to one multi-carrier station
Example of a Custom Document with a standard UPS shipping label at the bottom of a packing list

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