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Shipping Solutions

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Maximize Your Shipping Operations with ConnectShip Toolkit

Integrate Toolkit with your existing systems and give your order process the visibility into shipping data it needs.

Serve the shipping needs of a global enterprise by utilizing a centrally located solution.

Rest easy and know we've handled your carrier compliance.

Which Toolkit Option Is Your Perfect Solution?

Hosted Shipping API
Toolkit Cloud enables online (cloud-based) access to the ConnectShip Toolkit API solution online, without the requirement to install a dedicated, onsite server – reducing the need for IT resources. Toolkit Cloud is available in a pay-as-you-go model, again reducing the initial investment cost. Toolkit Cloud gives you a powerful and flexible technology base for building applications, and offers the flexibility to evolve with your future business needs.

Rating API
Toolkit Merchant is a highly scalable shipment rating API that allows you to integrate rating functionality into your existing e-commerce stores and enterprise applications. Toolkit Merchant, through XML interfaces, allows you to include your available/negotiated rates and services into your TMS, WMS, ERP, or other applications so that customers can compare and select services that most fits their needs.

Multi-Carrier Shipping Made Easy!
Toolkit provides users with shipping rates, time-in-transit commitments, tracking numbers, shipping labels, and other documents required by package and freight carriers. It integrates to systems using industry-standard interfaces and enables the use of multiple carriers directly within your existing business applications and provides access to shipping functions throughout the order management cycle.

Explore Other Solutions

A highly customizable component that gives you full customization control.
A full-featured client-server shipping management application.
International carrier components that will empower your global strategy.
Interested in the power and flexibility of Toolkit in a cloud-managed solution? Toolkit Cloud may be a perfect fit!

Hear from ConnectShip Customers!

Companies like boboli and Outdoor Cap found our Toolkit solution to be a perfect fit.

“ConnectShip quickly provided us functionalities that, otherwise, we would have had to develop ourselves; Like the consolidation of packages that are processed over different days for one shipment. [Toolkit] allows us to think of future projects like the integration of different carriers using the same technology, with all the information coming from the same data source.” [Translated] - Cristina Algas, Head of Operations, boboli

The ConnectShip solutions create a pathway to improved shipping operations.
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