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ConnectShip | iShip On-Premise Solutions

ConnectShip | iShip offers multiple on-premise logistics software solutions that are multi-carrier and range from simple stand-alone to deeply integrated solutions. Contact our Solutions Support department to determine which solution will best fit your current and future business demands.

ConnectShip | iShip offers the following on-premise solutions:

  • ConnectShip | iShip Toolkit, - A shipping API designed to integrate shipping into other applications. Toolkit is an extremely flexible solution which connects to WMS, ERP, accounting, inventory, and other systems.
  • ConnectShip | iShip Warehouse, - A client-server shipping application designed to integrate with WMS, ERP, and other systems. Warehouse can be used as a stand-alone shipping station or can connect multiple stations to a single server.
  • ConnectShip | iShip Merchant, - A server-based API for integrating shipment rating functionality into existing applications. Merchant is capable of being centrally hosted and configured while allowing shipment rating based on multiple origin locations.
  • Progistics® AMP, - An API that enables communication with Toolkit from systems on Windows or non-Windows platforms using XML-formatted messages and web service standards such as SOAP, WSDL, and WS-I.

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