ConnectShip | iShip On-Premise Solutions

ConnectShip | iShip on-premise (locally installed) multi-carrier logistics solutions are flexible, scalable, and customizable. Our on-premise solutions provide the ability to compare rates among various carriers, ship using one enterprise-wide system, and manifest shipments electronically to multiple carriers. Our carrier relationships ensure that you have the most recent rates and regulations whether you ship with major international, regional, LTL, air freight, or all of the above.

ConnectShip | iShip offers the following on-premise solutions:

ConnectShip | iShip Toolkit is a shipping API designed to integrate shipping into other applications. Toolkit is an extremely flexible solution which connects to WMS, ERP, accounting, inventory, and other systems.
ConnectShip | iShip Warehouse is a client-server shipping application designed to integrate with WMS, ERP, and other systems. Warehouse can be used as a stand-alone shipping station or can connect multiple stations to a single server.
ConnectShip | iShip Merchant is a server-based API for integrating shipment rating functionality into existing applications. Merchant is capable of being centrally hosted and configured while allowing shipment rating based on multiple origin locations.

Contact our Sales department to determine which solution will best fit your current and future business demands.