ConnectShip | iShip PSS

Reduce costs and improve efficiency with PSS, a hosted multi-carrier shipping automation solution. PSS is a heavy-duty shipping solution that is especially desirable for domestic and international small parcel shippers who process an average 40,000+ packages per year. It is scalable and can be tailored to fit your workflow, volume demands, negotiated carrier rates, branding, administrative controls, security features, and more.

PSS includes all of the benefits of our Online Suite in addition to the following:

  • Highly configurable charge code (reference number) support
  • Detailed and customizable reports
  • High volume processing
  • Offline capabilities
  • Time in Transit
  • Integrations with back-end systems
  • Domestic and International carrier compliant labels
  • Rapid cloud processing
  • Configurable behaviors
  • Global address books
  • Complete package stream visibility
  • Admin controls
  • Report access
  • Destination-based preferences
  • Optional kiosk-style interface (CES)

CES is a kiosk-style consumer interface to PSS that can be used to initiate the shipping process. Consumers can enter addresses and make service selections using CES before taking their packages to a shipping counter to be weighed and labeled via PSS.

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