Progistics AMP - Advanced Message Processor

ConnectShip Toolkit introduces a new integration technology called Progistics AMP (Advanced Message Processor). Progistics AMP allows you to communicate with Toolkit from systems on Windows or non-Windows platforms using XML-formatted messages and web service standards such as SOAP, WSDL, and WS-I.

ConnectShip understands that your developers and integrators are some of your most valuable resources and that you want them to be as productive as possible. With its use of standard web services and well-defined interfaces, Progistics AMP speeds integration time from days to hours.

Progistics AMP gives you a powerful and flexible technology base for building applications that will evolve with the future needs of your business.

Progistics AMP Features
  • Allows integration of the shipping capabilities in ConnectShip Toolkit with systems running in Windows and non-Windows environments
  • Supports web services standards like SOAP and WSDL that allow streamlined integration with enterprise applications
  • Easily accessible from non-Microsoft development languages such as Java, PHP, and Python
  • Configurable message processing flows support operation in complex environments
  • Extensible functionality using external code, scripting, and XML