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QC Software, LLC
Partner Type: Value-Added Reseller
Partner Since: 2005
Partner Level: Legacy
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QC Enterprise™ is a suite of software products that encompasses all of the tools necessary to efficiently and economically operate a warehouse or distribution center.

QC NAVIGATOR™ directs real-time data management and interface responsibilities of the material handling system as well as provides common user interface screens for monitoring, control and diagnostics. It is the focal point for managing the operational aspects of the material handling system.

QC IMS™ (Inventory Management System) uses state of the art technology to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations and data integrity. QC IMS™ manages all of your item numbers, warehouse locations.

QC OMS™ (Order Management System) provides the functionality necessary to properly and efficiently execute the order fulfillment process. This module facilitates the planning, processing, verifying, and shipping of orders within the warehouse or distribution center.

QC SMS™ (Shipment Management System) is a software tool that provides reliable parcel and LTL shipment manifesting. Powered by ConnectShip™, QC SMS™ is integrated into your normal operation and streamlines your daily shipping routines.

QC TOOLKIT™ is a multi-purpose module which assists operators and managers to work in a proactive rather than reactive environment ensuring quality throughput and on-time delivery.
About QC Software, LLC
QC Software provides innovative software solutions for order fulfillment and distribution centers. Comprised of a management team with combined expertise of over 90 years, QC Software has steadily grown throughout the US and has become a true leader in the software industry.

QC Enterprise™ Warehouse Control System (WCS), the flagship product of QC Software, offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions that provide a seamless communication link between the warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse floor providing real-time controls, analytics and equipment diagnostics.

QC Enterprise's modularity and scalability combined with its platform independence allows clients to operate without major changes to their internal IT infrastructure and providing a solution with one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry. User friendly interfaces quickly communicate essential information enabling proactive management decisions in a real time environment.

QC Enterprise's Order Management System (OMS) provides order planning, fulfillment and delivery. The routing capabilities map the most efficient course for every order ensuring faster processing and lower costs.

As a certified re-seller as well as certified integrator of ConnectShip, QC Software can provide all the necessary tools to provide end to end order fulfillment solutions.

Utilizing QC Enterprise™ in a standalone implementation or seamlessly integrated with host applications including: SAP, Epicor, Manhattan Associate's PkMS & WMOS, Catalyst, Infor's DCMS, Intek's Warehouse Librarian as well as many others, provides significant and immediate ROI.

QC Software is committed to providing solutions at lower costs that will assuredly improve DC throughput providing the necessary information to proactively manage your business.

Contact QC Software and let us earn your business.

QC Software
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Year Established: 1996
50 E-Business Way
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Cincinnati, OH 45241

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