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Case Study: Star Textil

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STAR TEXTIL, S.A. (boboli)

Star Textil, S.A., well-known for their flagship brand, boboli, is a leading retailer of children's clothing. Founded in 1964, this family-run business, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, oversees 150+ exclusive points of sale, 1700 multibrand customer’s shops, and manages a brand presence that is expanding around the globe. Learn more about boboli.

“We don’t stop growing…We are growing just like kids do: this is the goal of our network of shops and points of sale. Whether through our own shops, our franchises, or our presence via corners and shop-in-shop areas in department stores, boboli has developed an exclusive “retail concept” so that shops provide the best showcase of the boboli style, which is taking off in more than 50 countries.” - boboli


Star Textil controls 100% of their value chain - from design, to production, to logistics, to sales. As part of managing a continued positive growth pattern, the customer was looking for a way to automate the consolidation of data for transborder shipments, minimize processing errors, and reduce transportation costs. They considered developing their own compliance engine for their primary carrier, but preferred to achieve all of their goals without the high cost of in-house technology development.


Star Textil reached out to UPS and ConnectShip for assistance, who evaluated the processing challenges and recommended ConnectShip Toolkit as just the right fit to consolidate transborder shipments in their highly-automated system.


“We look for talent, the best professionals, and we believe in new technologies." - boboli

ConnectShip Toolkit provided the following benefits:
  • Automated label printing to improve efficiency
  • Enabled multi-package processing which helped consolidate shipments
  • Provided a ready-to-go solution without costly development
  • Easy access to new carrier features
  • Reduced data and billing errors due to built-in manifesting with automatic carrier uploads
  • The flexibility of adding additional carriers anytime with Toolkit’s component-based architecture.

“ConnectShip quickly provided us functionalities that, otherwise, we would have had to develop ourselves; Like the consolidation of packages that are processed over different days for one shipment. [Toolkit] allows us to think of future projects like the integration of different carriers using the same technology, with all the information coming from the same data source.” [Translated]

Cristina Algas
Head of Operations

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