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Delivering an Exceptional Shipping Experience
How small and medium businesses can level the playing field and exceed customer expectations with the protection of shipping insurance.
Delivering an Exceptional Shipping Experience
How small and medium businesses can level the playing field and exceed customer expectations with the protection of shipping insurance.
October 1, 2021
It’s no secret that the trend of increased online spending shows no signs of slowing down. Consumers spent more than $4.28 trillion in e-commerce marketplaces in 2020, up 27% from the prior year. As online shopping and e-commerce continues to grow, so do consumers’ expectations for an excellent customer experience. For small and medium-sized businesses, every moment counts. And thanks to high customer expectations and $151+ billion in annual sales at stake, it’s not a matter of if SMBs should prioritize great shipping experiences for their customers, but a matter of how.

Consumers have come to expect exceptional customer experiences from retail giants and SMBs alike. A study commissioned by UPS Capital found 37% of consumers are unlikely to buy from an SMB again if they experience issues in the shipping process. Nearly three quarters of survey respondents (74%) reported lost or damaged packages, and 12% reported theft after delivery. Consumers expressed moderate to high levels of frustration with persistent cases of porch piracy (55%), wrong merchandise deliveries (54%), lost packages (52%), damaged packages (49%) and delayed packages (45%).

For large retailers and marketplaces, it’s easier to absorb the cost of reshipping if an order is wrong, lost or damaged. But for SMBs, shipping mishaps can be detrimental to a business. And with 60% of SMBs stating they had to file at least one claim for shipping mishaps in the last year, it’s more important than ever to prioritize great shipping experiences for customers.

But there is a brighter side to shipping. SMBs can delight consumers and make up for potential lost sales by choosing to insure their shipments and protect the shipping experience as a whole. A positive customer experience from purchase to delivery can transform a one-time purchase into a loyal customer, making it more important than ever to deliver a stellar shipping experience.

InsureShield™ shipping insurance by UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc., now available to all ConnectShip community members, helps level the playing field against retail giants, enabling you to provide timely assistance, easy claims submissions and fast claims payments. Accessible wherever your business operates, InsureShield shipping insurance is customizable to fit the needs of a growing enterprise.

With InsureShield coverage offered by ConnectShip, you can:

• Easily select InsureShield shipping insurance to protect your shipments against loss and damage
• Customize rules to add coverage by amount, SKU or location
• Pay as you ship and keep money in your pocket
• Cover shipments in the event of porch piracy

Don’t wait to deliver exceptional shipping experiences to your customers. Interested ConnectShip community members can opt-in to learn more about InsureShield shipping insurance from UPS Capital via the ConnectShip contact request form.

1 Unless otherwise noted, all figures are based on the 2021 Post-Shipment Experience Study, a compilation of two independent surveys conducted by Evalueserve and Dynata in March and April, 2021, respectively, on behalf of UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. See the full study.
2 Figures are based on aggregate insurance claim payment data collected by UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. during the period of four consecutive fiscal quarters ended March 31, 2021. Individual results may vary.
The UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc Insurance Disclosure may be found at http://www.upscapital.com/disclosure.

Adam Castor
Senior Enterprise Business Manager ~ UPS Capital
Part of the UPS Capital Channel Partners & Alliance team, Adam is dedicated to helping their existing partners improve customer experience and grow their business by having the right digital insurance solutions. Prior to joining UPS Capital in 2018, Adam 6 years with UPS in various sales roles covering both international and domestic markets. Adam graduated from Indiana University Northwest and current resides in the greater Chicago area.

Jim Clifford
Innovation and Sales ConnectShip

Leading the path to differentiation in multi-carrier compliance, Jim relies on the pulse of eCommerce customers to foster and develop innovative solutions to focus and grow ConnectShip’s core business on prem and in the cloud. “We are excited that our ConnectShip community and customers will now have access to yet another value lever in the space of multi-carrier compliance via InsureShield. With the rise in eCommerce adoption, and the associated liability associated with those packages, ConnectShip is excited to enable the ease of mind for consumers on their path to purchase with the addition of InsureShield for, soon to be, multiple carriers.”