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A Time to Reconnect
Celebrating 20 Years of Parcel Forum
A Time to Reconnect
Celebrating 20 Years of Parcel Forum
November 4, 2022
The ConnectShip conference team, made up of Emily Steele, Jim Clifford, and myself, happily joined the 20th anniversary party at Parcel Forum '22 in Chicago. The pandemic had taken the wind out of the sails of many opportunities to reconnect with our industry colleagues, so we shook a lot of hands and took more than a few selfies with our industry peers. Nothing in the virtual world quite makes as strong a connection as a face-to-face chat. Our strategy was to divide and conquer the show to fully realize the benefits of the sessions, exhibitors, keynote speakers, and special events.

We were able to attend a multitude of sessions and returned with valuable industry insight and maybe a little more sparkle in our eyes. We found our logistic spirits rejuvenated after passionate discussions centered around the progressive future of our industry. Sessions examined the many changes our industry has been faced with in the past few years, what we’ve learned, and how we can use that to propel our industry into further success. Experts reviewed trends by market segment, both pre and post pandemic. We looked at the anticipated behavior of the economy in the near future and how our industry is best poised to respond to future needs.

Shippers are re-evaluating their carrier mixes, incorporating as many options as possible. Carriers were well aware of this and were eager to meet and greet in the exhibit hall. We expected to see more carriers than usual in the Exhibit Hall, and we were not disappointed! It was hugely beneficial to have everyone in one place and to hear their future plans and how those align with our own. Congratulations to Roadie, who my team unanimously decided had the BEST promotional item on the floor with their Roadie t-shirt!

As I returned home with my souvenir Roadie t-shirt (by far the best promotional item on the floor), I felt rejuvenated – excited that I get to work in this industry with these individuals. This was the perfect venue to officially reconnect with our community and the industry. To be able to shake hands again reminds you that people do business with people, not companies - And you just can’t beat a good in-person laugh among friends.
Julie James
Channel Sales Manager ~ ConnectShip
Julie James is a ConnectShip Channel Sales Manager and contributor to Blogistics. She manages the valuable relationships with the ConnectShip Value Added Resellers, and promotes the on-premise and off-premise technology product lines to potential and existing customers. She resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and volunteers for American Corporate Partners, providing mentorship to service people transitioning from the military to a corporate culture.