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Top 4 Supply Chain Trends
Trends Every Supply Chain Professional Should Be Watching
Top 4 Supply Chain Trends
Trends Every Supply Chain Professional Should Be Watching
July 26, 2018

he supply chain industry affects every business in the world. As our industry grows and transforms, we must pay attention and engage in the discussions of trends in all aspects of business. We need to be aware of trends in order to make decisions that will allow us to prepare, grow, and profit. The industry and global trends that we see can have a significant impact on our future growth. We must always be ready to explore these opportunities and be flexible in our planning to implement profitable solutions.

As our economy continues to move towards on-demand and e-commerce solutions, I have assembled my top 4 list of today’s supply chain trends. These are the trends that I am paying attention to as a supply chain management professional. I am looking forward to hearing your responses to my opinion. I love the discussions! Here we go…

  1. Blockchain – A digital ledger that is incorruptible. Yes, it was built to enable cryptocurrency, but blockchain is so much more than the foundation for Bitcoin. Blockchain has many applications and will revolutionize data and digital money transfers. This technology is amazing, and in a few years, it will be common-place. It’s available for everyday documents as well as legal, shipment, and revenue transactions. Blockchain records everything, every step, every change, and it will be huge in our industry!

  2. The Cloud – Just like blockchain, we will continue to become more digital. Yes, for us old timers, change is hard, but we must embrace it! I talk to more and more customers about moving to cloud technology. They want it. We need to give it to them. The cloud allows companies to increase efficiencies and become more seamless. You can increase your customer base and decrease your production time and production costs. Hello, profits!

  3. Mobility – Are you reading this on your phone? If not, you are in the minority. Mobile applications are necessary to target millennials. They want mobile shipping applications and smart decision-making capabilities. They are on the go, and their decisions need to be at their fingertips. They are the heart of the e-commerce industry, and if retailers and shippers want their business, they must be ready to be mobile.

  4. Autonomous Mobile Robots – When speaking about current supply chain trends, I often make references to the futuristic cartoons I watched as a child. (Always an 80’s kid!) For example, watching the increase of AMR’s in the industry makes me feel like I am part of The Jetson family. AMR’s are going to become more prevalent in supply chain logistics. Companies can create and specify the size of robots and detail the software to suit any environment. These robots will move and pick faster than human labor, allowing companies to move their current human labor to more valued areas of their environment. AMR’s can tackle labor and production costs, while speeding up order and shipping processes. Does this trend excite you or scare you? I must admit, it is a little intimidating to allow AI into our worlds. But we have been moving in that direction for a while. Have you asked Siri anything lately?

Our industry is full of exciting, new developments, and I look forward to what is yet to come.

Learn more about these supply chain trends by visiting the links included below!

Jerri Dixon
Business Development Channel Manager ~ ConnectShip | iShip
Jerri is the Platinum Channel Manager at ConnectShip | iShip. Jerri has 20+ years in the supply chain industry, with 14 years at our company. She attended Northeastern State University, majoring in Supply Chain Management. She loves travel and finds adventure in most anything, she volunteers and enjoys attending concerts and going to museums with her daughter.