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New Director of Operations at ConnectShip

In February of 2023, ConnectShip welcomed Bruce Sale as its new Director of Operations. Bruce replaced Tim Leary, who held the role since 2017, after Tim accepted a new role at UPS.

Bruce is a 36-year shipping solutions veteran, and before coming to ConnectShip he led teams of professional developers and analysts, providing custom analysis and data integration services, as well as internal infrastructure and spearheading UPS efforts to modernize data strategy in the cloud.

Bruce has a history of providing new efficiencies and capabilities not previously possible. Bruce has a passion for all aspects of the solutions development process, from design, development, and collaboration, to integration, improving his customers’ ability to serve theirs.

Bruce brings a wealth of experience, including working with ConnectShip customers while at UPS, and we are excited to have him on board.

Welcome, Bruce!

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