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ConnectShip Community News: Fall 2019 Edition

Industry Events

TECSYS User Conference
Julie James, ConnectShip Business Development Manager, recently attended 3 days of innovative thought leadership, invigorating peer discussions, and memorable events at the TECSYS user conference. The conference encouraged thinking about the supply chain in an entirely new way. Julie was so influenced by her time at the conference that she compiled a list of what she found most impactful and included it in her recent contribution to Blogistics the ConnectShip industry blog.

Training Opportunities

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REACH Industry Webinars

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The Latest on Blogistics

Check out what’s new on Blogistics - ConnectShip’s industry blog!

ConnectShip: The Rebrand
An effective rebrand can help companies adapt to changes within their organization or the market and serve as a lens for assessing relevance and competitiveness of a company, a window into how they intend to move forward. In December of 2018, we found ourselves in exactly this predicament. We wanted to re-establish our place in the market. We wanted to refocus our core competencies and our company culture, which had started to shift from what it once was. In the case of ConnectShip, it was the perfect time to reinvent ourselves…

Sustainability in the Supply Chain
In the age of zero waste, it is more crucial than ever that companies focus on sustainability in order to retain current customers and attract new ones. Unfortunately, cutting out plastic straws and recycling in the office are no longer going to meet customer expectations. Customers are now expecting a company’s entire supply chain to not only to be eco-friendly, but to explain exactly how they are sustainable as well.

Drones for Humanity
The opportunities are endless when it comes to what drones can do. We have seen them used recreationally, in the military, within the media, to improve engineering processes, and even to deliver small packages. With the many uses we have already found for drones, what can we do next with unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology?

Modern Automation in the Workplace
Automation is a never ending battle between marvelous ideas and harsh realities. Whether you’re an engineer, accountant, or just someone programming an Excel macro to update your fantasy football roster, everyone is seeking modern methods to increase production while reducing labor costs.

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Employee Spotlight

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Ludwig Dischner

As a musician, writer, and hockey player, Ludwig is enthusiastic about all sorts of creative outlets. Prior to joining ConnectShip, Ludwig’s career began coordinating professional visits at the University of Oklahoma. He holds degrees in marketing and advertising from the University of Tulsa, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in strategic communication and data analysis from OU. Ludwig’s professional interests include project management, digital content production, marketing research, law, and branding. You can find him either at the ice rink, in his impromptu home recording studio, or trying new local restaurants.

Kumar Kannan

Prior to joining ConnectShip, Kumar, since 2002, owned and operated a software development and consulting business in the Tulsa area, providing software development services in the Transportation and HealthCare segments of the economy. Prior to that he worked in the Gaming, Process Control and Manufacturing industries developing custom software at various locations around the country. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering but enjoys creating software. He enjoys gardening, photography, travel and playing ping-pong in his spare time. He and his wife Jaya have one son who graduated from Union High School and went on to graduate in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech. Since 1997, they have called the Tulsa area their home and love it here.

David Loveless

David Loveless is an Oklahoma native, having lived in the Tulsa area all along. David started out as a chemist, but has been in software since graduating from TU with an MS in Computer Science in 2015. Starting at L3 Technologies, he developed a strong understanding of image processing in C++. David is looking forward to learning a new stack at ConnectShip, and we are happy to have him here tackling new types of issues.

David’s hobbies include tinkering on his reef aquarium, and working on many house projects.

Steven Puckett

Steven was born and raised Oklahoma, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Computer Science, as well as Associates degrees in both Electrical and Computer Engineering. Steven spent the last 6 years working for ExecuTime Development as a full stack developer. He is an avid outdoorsman, spending as much time as possible camping, hunting, and fishing. He has traveled to 14 other states as well as Australia and the Philippines. When at home he focuses primarily on building and repairing as many things as possible, though none of those projects get his attention until he's spent time with his lovely wife, 11 year old son, and 2 year old daughter.

ConnectShip Cares

ConnectShip recently participated in the United Way Day of Caring event. Our team of volunteers spent the day planting, weeding, pruning, watering, painting, and otherwise maintaining the 4.5 acre garden. Tulsa's Municipal Rose Garden was constructed by the WPA using hand labor and teams of horses and a part of Woodward Park and the Tulsa Garden Center, and is a continuing project of Tulsa Parks and the Tulsa Garden Club. The first roses for the garden were planted in 1935. Landscape architect Burton Fox designed the sloping 4 1/2 acre garden in Italian Renaissance style with a series of five terraces, rising up a gentle slope almost 900 feet. Reflecting pools with aquatic plants are featured on all Terraces; junipers are hand-sheared into formal, conical shapes within the garden; the area is flanked on the south and east by a wide variety of trees. There are approximately 3,000 rose plants of more than 200 varieties in the garden including: floribundas, hybrid teas, grandifloras, miniatures, climbers, shrub and other species.

Company Picnic

ConnectShip recently held our first company picnic in over 20 years! Employees spent the afternoon grilling burgers and dogs, playing games, socializing, and catching up with one another's families. We are very excited to see the long overdue return of this morale-boosting event to our company calendars.