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ConnectShip Community News: Summer 2020

2020 continues to be a year for the history books. Every industry has been impacted by COVID-19 in some way, and those impacts continue to evolve the way we conduct business. We are extremely grateful for the agility we've seen in the industry and within our own organization throughout this experience. We recognize the importance of our community; the strength and resilience of a supporting network in times of uncertainty is invaluable. ConnectShip would like to specifically thank the many carriers within our community. We've seen you on the front lines, ensuring necessary supplies make it to their destinations, and we thank you for your efforts.

Training Schedule Adjustments

We continue to make adjustments to our training schedule in order to ensure our customers and employees stay safe and healthy. Registration for our now online September training class is available on our website.

Continue to monitor our training schedule as we assess the state of things and make adjustments as needed.

New on ConnectShip.com

Our marketing team is always working to add value through the online experience. We've chosen a few of our favorite recent updates and included links below.

ConnectShip Strong

Thanks to our incredible IT staff and resilient employees, ConnectShip was able to transition to remote work with relative ease. We recently held our first entirely remote company meeting and it too was a success. Just look at all of those smiling faces!

The Latest on Blogistics

Check out what’s new on Blogistics - ConnectShip’s industry blog!

Implications of an Ancient Strategy in Modern-Day Logistics

King Solomon's ancient concept of diversification and how it applies to logistics today. Solomon and his concept of diversification have commonly been applied to investment portfolios and financial strategies, but neither he nor his principles were far removed from the world of logistics. Read this unique spin on the topic of carrier diversification by ConnectShip Marketing Supervisor, Krista Barnes.

Top 3 Advantages of Cloud Based Shipping Software

Guest blogger Pavan Telluru, Product Manager of ConnectShip Elite Partner company, ShipConsole has compiled a list of what he believes to be the top three capabilities of shipping systems. Pavan outlines how organizations are looking for better, faster, and cheaper ways to implement multi-carrier shipping software. Most organizations implementing shipping software have complex business processes with constantly changing regulations and trade laws. Still, the majority of companies use multiple shipping systems and have inefficient business processes. The latest cloud-based shipping systems provide companies with more capabilities than ever before.

Did You Know?

You can purge old manifests to keep your ConnectShip Transaction Database at peak performance.
Like any fine-tuned machine, your shipping system needs to be in tip top shape to be at its peak performance. This includes performing routine maintenance by deleting old manifests from your ConnectShip Transaction database where all of your ConnectShip shipping records are located. We recommend keeping at least the last 90-180 days’ worth of manifests for each of your shipper/carrier combinations. This means that you will need to set up some sort of monthly maintenance routine to delete old manifests otherwise known as shipfiles from your transaction database. We ask that you don’t delete these records directly from your Transaction database, but rather by utilizing your shipping client’s end of day functionality or by using the ConnectShip End of Day Client.

In this client, you can highlight your shipper and carrier, select the Delete tab. Once there, you can highlight all of the manifests you wish to remove. As a best practice, we also recommend to keep your transmit files in sync with your shipfiles by purging these from the same time period. If you need to keep records for a longer period of time, then we recommend you write out the information you need to your own backend database at ship time.

Employee Spotlight: Celebrating our CPTEs

ConnectShip requires many of its own employees complete the same training that our partner companies are required to complete. We would like to congratulate our latest CPTEs on staff!

Industry Webinar: Transportation Town Hall

ConnectShip Director of Operations, Tim Leary, recently participated in a Transportation Town Hall hosted by Inbound Logistics featuring Bob Malley of ConnectShip Alliance Partner company, Pierbridge.

In this most recent webinar, Shippers and Technology Leaders reviewed industry survey results and shared insights into how COVID-19 is impacting the shipping and delivery industry.

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Marketing Opportunities
Let us plan, publish, and promote a case study featuring your company. Check out our brand new video case study featuring ConnectShip Alliance partner, Pitney Bowes and mutual customer Visible Supply Chain Management.
Let us host your video in our online library for targeted, effective industry exposure. You can express interest in this, or any of our co-marketing opportunities by contacting marketing directly.
Place an ad in our quarterly newsletter for exposure to 6000+ industry professionals. See a recent ad featuring ConnectShip partner CLS in our winter 2019 newsletter.
Write a guest blog to be featured on Blogistics, our logistics industry blog. See this recent example by Pavan Telluru, Product Manager of ConnectShip Elite Partner company, ShipConsole.

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