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ConnectShip Community News: Spring 2021

Spring into a new quarter with all that ConnectShip has to offer. In this issue, we will cover new and upcoming additions to our solutions, website and marketing updates, training, the latest in member announcements, and more!

Coming Soon

ABF Freight: As part of adding value to our current product offerings and simplifying the onboarding process for LTL carriers, ConnectShip is introducing a new ABF Freight component, enabling their LTL and Guaranteed services.

Purolator International: ConnectShip is developing the Purolator International Component, which adds services such as PuroPost Plus and Purolator LTL to our Toolkit.

If you are interested in adding either of our upcoming components, please contact ConnectShip Sales Support.

New on ConnectShip.com

Our marketing team is always working to add value through the online experience. We've chosen a few of our favorite recent updates and included links below.

2021 Training Schedule

ConnectShip's online training brings high-quality curriculum with greater ease and cost savings. The registration and schedule for our 2021 training is available on our website.

The Latest on Blogistics

Check out what’s new on Blogistics - ConnectShip’s industry blog!

The Logistician's PlayBook

Highlighting the concepts of routes, rollout, and the blind side, this blog explores parallels between the job of a logistician and that of a professional American football player.

Severe Weather Impacting Your Area

After several rounds of winter weather this past month, we began to reflect on how these conditions are handled by shipping and logistics organizations. How do carriers navigate the air and streets, while at the mercy of Mother Nature, to keep deliveries flowing?

Did You Know?

Installing ConnectShip Software Updates is a routine that keeps your system running at peak performance. Below are some best practices we’ve compiled to assist you:

  1. Sign-up for Software Update Notifications in your My Member Account.
  2. Closeout all open manifests for all carriers and shippers.
  3. Schedule a maintenance window to install updates (30-45 minutes) by stopping shipping and shutting down your shipping applications.
  4. Use the Progistics Management Console (PMC) to download and install updates.
  5. Download and apply the updates in a test environment first before installing in production.
  6. Open the Server Components section in PMC and refresh to see if any components require maintenance. Run maintenance if needed.
When using applications like Progistics AMP, ConnectShip Warehouse, or XML Processor; some Windows services will need to be restarted for the updates to take effect:
  1. For Progistics AMP > restart the Progistics AMP Service (AMPService) and/or IIS

  2. For ConnectShip Warehouse or XML Processor > restart IIS using the "iisreset" command or the IIS Manager application

Contact Us for more information on SUS and rate updates!

Marketing Opportunities

Partner marketing and all related content, while collaborative, is subject to the express approval of ConnectShip marketing.
Let us plan, publish, and promote a case study featuring your company. Check out our brand new video case study featuring ConnectShip Alliance partner, Pitney Bowes and mutual customer Visible Supply Chain Management.
Write a guest blog to be featured on Blogistics, our logistics industry blog. See this recent example by Pavan Telluru, Product Manager of ConnectShip Partner company, ShipConsole.

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today."

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.