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Partner Type: Value-Added Reseller
Partner Since: 2008
Partner Level: Premier
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United States
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Systems Integrated:

Oracle Applications
Oracle Database
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ShipConsole is the premier solution for shipping execution and management for Oracle Applications. An Oracle-validated solution, ShipConsole provides multi-carrier online shipping, label printing, shipment tracking, instantaneous access to proof-of-delivery documentation, and ship confirmation in Oracle from a single, unified interface enhancing productivity and improving customer service. ShipConsole is also integrated with the Connectship Toolkit offering customers a variety of shipping options and carriers.
About ShipConsole
First developed in 2005 and launched as its own separate entity in 2019, ShipConsole enables organizations to Optimize, Simplify, and Save on their shipping. The founders of ShipConsole saw a gap in various ERP Software capability to natively integrate with Shipping Carriers, so they designed and built ShipConsole to allow business applications to seamlessly integrate with Parcel and Freight carriers and allowing shipping users to have a simple and efficient order fulfillment process. ShipConsole makes it easy for organizations to ship packages and pallets faster and cheaper. ShipConsole now offers features to ship packages, print labels and compliance documents, validate addresses, and freight shop across service levels and carriers. These features are available as APIs as well, for customers who want to perform these operations in a batch mode. This is an “Oracle Validated Solution” and natively integrates with Oracle EBS and ERP Cloud Applications.

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