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Leverage a Mail Service Provider as Part of Your Growth Strategy

An important consideration for every company looking for growth: watch expenses and focus on core competencies. As your business grows, it’s important to keep a close watch on expenses and maintain focus on core competencies. Coordinating with a third-party mail service provider for your mail and lightweight parcel processing needs can provide a strong competitive advantage. Leveraging the power of an integrated distribution network, a mail service provider can pick up mail and lightweight parcel, sort, post, manifest and then expedite mail securely to the postal service location for last mile delivery by the United States Postal Service.

A Mail Service Provider can help your business grow in the following areas:
Customer Experience
Maintain a high level of customer experience by partnering with a mail service provider that can provide transit time comparable to First Class for each delivery. This level of service is possible due to the partner’s nationwide network and their ability to transfer the package from their regional facilities to the Postal Service for the final mile delivery. Ask your mail service provider where their facilities are located and if their pick-up schedules can be tailored to your needs. This will allow your packages to meet critical entry times set by the postal service.

Tracking Visibility
With an accessible and easy to use online tracking system, your customers will be able to quickly track their packages without calling your customer service line for assistance. This customer-focused capability will reduce your retention cost while increasing customer loyalty because customers appreciate the convenience.

Embracing Shipping Technology
Technologies capable of automating the business mail process such as order entry, label creation and shipment processing, can free up your team to focus on core business functions. Embrace a shipping platform that streamlines various business processes within your mail operations. Choose a proven technology partner that will allow you to integrate their software into your platform with minimal cost and time. With the constant pressure to stay relevant in the marketplace, you want a partner that offers a scalable shipping technology platform that will grow with you like ConnectShip.
A mail services provider that offers an efficient, cost-effective method for sending lightweight parcels and over-one-pound (1 lb) parcels to global addresses can help your business grow!

Consider the following questions:

Does your mail service provider have the technology to support your growth?

To effectively grow your business, you need the technology infrastructure to handle all of your operational and shipping needs. Shipping platforms such as ConnectShip provide a turn-key solution that are scalable and have the ability to handle all types of packages, over and under 1 pound postal and ground services. Look for a partner who can not only be a mail expert, but can provide technical assistance.

Are you sending mail at the most optimal class, based on content and delivery time?
Your business may be paying a small premium per mail piece if you’re using the wrong class of mail. Depending on the type(s) of mail you are currently sending, a third-party mail services provider could help improve delivery speed or reduce your mailing-related costs.

How do you process your mail?
Do you have an automated system for sorting and applying postage, or is this done by hand? Outsourcing mail operations can shorten the process and reduce human error. Automation technology enables mail service providers to properly weigh, apply postage, and sort mail efficiently so it can be quickly delivered to the recipient.

How much does your outbound mail weigh?
If your mail is within the weight requirements, fits the regulations for First Class mail and is shipping via the U.S. Postal Service, a mail service provider may significantly reduce your costs while still offering timely delivery for less-than-a-pound mail.Mail providers offer services for a variety of mail types and sizes.

Have you leveraged your volume and mail mix?
Look for a mail service provider who can handle all of your shipping needs under and over 1 pound so you can leverage your volume and mail mix to lower costs.

Does your provider’s pickup time match your operating schedule?
A mail provider should tailor their pickup schedule to match your operating schedule. This provides flexibility for your operations to meet critical entry time set by the postal service.

Is your mail time-sensitive or of particularly high value?
Are you shipping high-value items, or does your mail need to get to recipients by a certain deadline? Security and visibility becomes especially important. Seek out a mail service provider with the ability to provide real-time updates on your in-transit mail so you can breathe easy. Does your mail service provider have an easy to use tracking system? Tracking visibility enhances the customer experience. For example, with easy to use online tracking, your healthcare customers will be able to quickly track their prescriptions online, without calling customer service.

How frequent are your mailings?
Do you send your mail on a periodic basis, such as weekly, monthly, or annually? Understanding the frequency of your mailings allows you to estimate how much time is being put into mail processing, and whether that time can be better spent on other functions. You may determine that setting yourself up with a mail service provider is more economical. With UPS Mail Innovations, setting up an account is a relatively simple process.

For many, it makes good business sense to outsource all, or a portion of, a company’s mailing operations. Using a third-party mail processor can be an effective way to keep costs down and maintain your focus on your core competencies.

About ConnectShip
ConnectShip provides online and on-premise multi-carrier shipping solutions for enterprise and mid-sized companies looking to optimize their shipping operations. ConnectShip supports shipping from 50 origin countries including UPS, FedEx, DHL, Purolator, TNT, Canada Post, BAX Global, GLS, the U.S. Postal Service, UPS Mail Innovations, and Endicia. ConnectShip is a UPS Ready® Certified Solution Provider for global shipping, as well as USPS MAC Certified. ConnectShip provides the financial security of UPS, technological expertise in shipping, and a well-known history of innovation to help you prepare for the future. To speak with a representative about the advantages of choosing ConnectShip, contact us. Review our solutions and supported carriers at www.connectship.com.

About UPS Mail Innovations
UPS Mail Innovations offers an efficient, cost-effective method for sending flats, bound printed matter, and lightweight parcels. Leveraging the power of our unique, integrated distribution network, we can pick up your mail, sort, post, manifest and then expedite the secured mail to the destination postal service for last mile delivery. As your mail operations partner, UPS Mail Innovations provides the reliable customer care you would expect from an industry leader. Whether you require postal consulting, distribution reporting, cost center billing, or delivery confirmation, we are here to assist our clients. Whether you are a current customer or just considering our services, please call us at 1-800-500-2224 or email us at info@ups-mi.com.