What's Covered

ConnectShip | iShip Introduction to Toolkit Courses

The ConnectShip | iShip On-Site and Online Introduction to Toolkit Training courses are designed for technical personnel who will be involved in installing, integrating, or maintaining a ConnectShip | iShip system and includes both introductory and advanced concepts for the following:

  • ConnectShip | iShip Toolkit
  • ConnectShip | iShip Advanced Message Processor (AMP)
  • Progistics SDK
  • Integration

Taking the class helped me to better understand the flow of how the Progistics architecture works. Learning the different ways components interact and where the carriers come into the picture gave me a better idea of the ConnectShip big picture...

ConnectShip | iShip Warehouse Online Class

The Warehouse class is designed for customers or Partners who are responsible for installing, integrating or administering the Warehouse product. Attending the ConnectShip | iShip On-Site Introduction class is not a prerequisite for this class. The following topics are covered:

  • Functional Overview
  • Administration Client
  • Creating Profiles
  • Shipping Client
  • Scripting Extensions

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