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Introductory On-Site Training

A 4-day, Introduction to ConnectShip Toolkit training course is available in our Tulsa, OK training facility. Instructors lecture and perform demonstrations of installation, configuration, and customization possibilities of our solutions. Trainees are guided through installation on individual training machines before being asked to configure Toolkit on their own. The Introductory training course is crucial for anyone new to using the ConnectShip software.

Graduation from the on-site training course puts you on the fast track to becoming a CPTE. Those who have completed the on-site training course and signed the CPTE agreement are eligible to take the CPTE exam which can be scheduled with the training coordinator. An additional CPTE exam fee applies. Call 918.461.4491 for further details.

Online Training Classes

The Introduction to ConnectShip Toolkit training course is available online in a 3-day format. The online format provides the same content as our onsite course but without the final day lab exercise. In addition to the Toolkit training course we also offer a one day Warehouse online class. This class is only scheduled by request.

All online classes require prior experience with ConnectShip solutions. This ensures that everyone in the online class can keep pace with the instructors and fellow trainees.

See What's Covered for descriptions of the Online Classes.

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