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Supported Services from Origins in Mexico

For more details, please see the carrier-specific component documentation.

Carrier Service Name Additional Information
ABF FreightABF Freight Guaranteed LTL
ABF Freight Standard LTL
DHLDHL Economy Select
DHL Express
DHL Express 10:30
DHL Express 12:00
DHL Express 9:00
DHL Medical Express
FedEx**FedEx 1Day Freight
FedEx 1Day Freight (CMS Carrier Connector)
FedEx 2Day
FedEx 2Day (CMS Carrier Connector)
FedEx 2Day Freight
FedEx 2Day Freight (CMS Carrier Connector)
FedEx Express Saver
FedEx Express Saver (CMS Carrier Connector)
FedEx First Overnight
FedEx First Overnight (CMS Carrier Connector)
FedEx International Connect Plus
FedEx International Economy
FedEx International Economy (CMS Carrier Connector)
FedEx International Economy Freight
FedEx International Economy Freight (CMS Carrier Connector)
FedEx International First
FedEx International First (CMS Carrier Connector)
FedEx International Priority
FedEx International Priority (CMS Carrier Connector)
FedEx International Priority Express
FedEx International Priority Freight
FedEx International Priority Freight (CMS Carrier Connector)
FedEx Priority Overnight
FedEx Priority Overnight (CMS Carrier Connector)
FedEx Standard Overnight
LTLDefault LTL
UPSUPS 2nd Day Air Freight
UPS 2nd Day Air Freight NGS
UPS 3 Day Freight
UPS 3 Day Freight NGS
UPS Access Point Economy
UPS Air Freight Consolidated
UPS Air Freight Direct
UPS Economy DDP
UPS Economy DDU
UPS Expedited
UPS Express
UPS Express 12:00
UPS Express Freight
UPS Express Freight (Consolidated)
UPS Express Freight Midday
UPS Express NA1
UPS Express Plus
UPS Express Saver
UPS Next Day Air Freight
UPS Next Day Air Freight NGS
UPS SCS Air Freight Consolidated
UPS SCS Air Freight Direct
UPS SCS Air Freight Premium Direct
UPS SCS Expedited Air Freight
UPS SCS Expedited Ground Freight
UPS Standard
UPS Trade Direct Standard LTL
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** Carrier approval required. Contact ConnectShip Solutions Support for more information.

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