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ConnectShip is a subsidiary of UPS. One of our solutions, ConnectShip® UPS Toolkit, is part of UPS Digital Connections.

UPS Toolkit is a set of development tools for incorporating UPS shipping into other business applications. It can be integrated into enterprise systems (ERP), warehouse management systems (WMS), transporation management systems (TMS), and many others. It is made for high-performance operations, maximizing speed and efficiency, while minimizing training costs by utilizing interfaces you already use.

UPS Toolkit is sold exclusively through UPS Digital Connections. ConnectShip partner UPS Professional Services offers a full-featured shipping application called ShipExec, which integrates with UPS Toolkit. They can also integrate UPS Toolkit into virtually any business system.
UPS Toolkit provides users with shipping rates, time-in-transit commitments, tracking numbers, shipping labels, and other documents required by UPS. It integrates to systems using industry-standard interfaces and enables shipping directly within your existing business applications and provides access to shipping functions throughout the order life-cycle.
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