ConnectShip | iShip Merchant

ConnectShip | iShip Merchant is a highly scalable server-based API for integrating shipment rating functionality into existing systems.

What can Merchant do for you?

Merchant lets you put shipping decisions into the hands of your customers, allowing them to shop among carriers and choose the rate and service level they prefer.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports multiple origins
  • Provides negotiated rates
  • Scalable to fit future needs
  • Allows customer-specific rules and rates
  • Extends visibility of shipment data
  • Returns real rates and expected ship dates

General Information

Merchant is an API or “black box” interface to Progistics, the patented technology underlying all of our on-premise software applications. Developers can use XML interfaces to integrate; Merchant with e-commerce stores and enterprise applications. XML interfaces provide a straight-forward method for accessing Merchant functionality.

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