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Custom Documents

The Custom Documents module works in conjunction with most ConnectShip products to help you create shipping labels and other documents that are tailored to your business. Custom elements can include text, barcodes, images, and tags.

Add Custom Elements to Standard Documents
creates shipping labels which carriers like UPS and FedEx require, but what if you want to add your company logo to your shipping labels so your customers immediately recognize who the package is from? With Custom Documents, you can create templates that include the carrier-required shipping label and your own items as well.

Here are just a few examples of things you can add to standard documents:

  • Add your company logo to your shipping labels
  • Add a barcode with the invoice or order number for the package
  • Add a note thanking your customer for the order
  • Add reference numbers or barcodes required by the recipient
Example of a custom document which adds a company logo to a standard UPS shipping label

Example of a packing list with text and barcodes
Create Documents from Scratch
You can also create brand new documents, like the packing list you see here. You can map fields from to elements on your template, so you create documents that pertain to particular shipments.

Examples of documents you can create:

  • Packing list
  • Pick ticket
  • Invoice
  • Internal routing labels

You can also use Custom Documents to create shipping labels and other documents for carriers that you define.

Embed Standard Shipping Labels into New Documents
You can also embed standard carrier labels and other documents into your custom document.

In this example, the top half of a standard 8.5" x 11" document is a packing list, and the bottom half is a shipping label which is also a custom document!

With the right kind of label stock, you can even create a shipping label which peels off of the packing list and sticks to the package.

Here are a few examples of embedding custom documents:

  • Embed a shipping label into a packing list or pick ticket
  • Embed a return shipping label into a customer invoice
  • Embed a "license plate" or other internal tracking label into a pick ticket

Example of a custom document embedded into another custom document

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