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Meet the Team, Learn About the Legacy

About Us | 42 Years of Industry Excellence

We would like to thank everyone who is and has been part of ConnectShip's continued service and success. We hope you have experienced a positive difference because of our work. Our business is deeply rooted in good people, strong relationships, and innovative thinking.

ConnectShip, Inc. is a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of UPS that provides multicarrier shipping software. ConnectShip works with regional, national, and international carriers to provide small package, mail, and LTL shipping solutions. Its on-premise and cloud solutions are utilized by medium to enterprise businesses in any industry. ConnectShip solutions integrate with nearly any business system, such as warehouse management (WMS), transportation management (TMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), order management, and e-commerce, using industry standard interfaces to provide a centralized platform for managing shipping activities.

"Our mission is to provide best in class innovative supply chain solutions that create value and competitive advantages for our customers and our organization."

Several top Fortune 500 companies rely on ConnectShip as their one source for carrier compliant labels, documentation, electronic manifesting, and reporting for small package, LTL and air freight shipments. With more than 40 years of experience in shipping and software development, ConnectShip provides reliable carrier compliance for multi-carrier, multi-modal, multi-platform shipping optimization.

What We're Known For

Our Multi-Carrier Compliance

ConnectShip supports shipping from over 200 origin countries and territories via small package, LTL, and freight carriers. ConnectShip is a UPS Ready Certified Solution Provider for global shipping, USPS MAC Certified, and is certified on FedEx Ship Manager Server (FSMS) for Canada and the U.S.

ConnectShip offers the financial security of UPS, technological expertise in shipping with both on and off-premise solutions, and a well-known history of innovation to help you prepare for the future.

Our Integration Capabilities

Progistics is the patented technology and compliance engine that powers all ConnectShip solutions. It enables users to solve their transportation and logistics problems by building shipping functionality into the applications already being used across their enterprise. The Progistics technology integrates seamlessly into ERP, transportation, and warehouse management systems, leveraging industry-standard interfaces and is scalable to fit customer growth and global expansion goals.

Our History of Innovation

The history of the ConnectShip innovation began in 1980 when TanData was created by A.R. Tandy. TanData Corporation pioneered the use of client-server technology to build the technology that has evolved into the powerful patented Progistics carrier compliance engine. ConnectShip now holds multiple patents covering technologies for shipping automation. UPS purchased TanData Corporation on August 15, 2001 and formed ConnectShip.

To speak with a representative about the advantages of choosing ConnectShip solutions, contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Company Information

Who is ConnectShip?

ConnectShip, Inc. provides both on-premise and off-premise multi-carrier shipping solutions. Learn more about us.

What does ConnectShip do?
We specialize in on-premise and online multi-carrier compliance and the engineering of full-featured shipping applications with powerful integration technology to power the shipping functionality of enterprise resource planning and supply chain management systems.

What is carrier compliance?
Implementing and maintaining carrier rules, regulations, and requirements for aspects of the shipping process including freight pricing, electronic notifications, shipping labels, and documentation. Learn more about why it makes sense to outsource your carrier compliance.

Who does ConnectShip serve?
  • Medium to large-volume shippers; more than 100 - 40,000 packages/day.
  • National and international companies and organizations, warehouses, distribution centers, e-commerce businesses, solution providers of enterprise management systems, warehouse management systems, supply chain management systems, third party logistics providers (3PL), and commercial customers of UPS.
  • ConnectShip serves a range of clients, from mid-sized to large organizations, including many of the top Fortune 500.

Who owns ConnectShip?
ConnectShip is a wholly-owned, independent business unit of United Parcel Service (UPS). ConnectShip maintains an independent relationship with the parent company; information obtained from other carriers during the compliance process is not shared with UPS; UPS does not share other multi-carrier shipping vendor information with ConnectShip.

Since you are owned by UPS, will you provide multi-carrier support?
We offer multi-carrier solutions and have strong relationships with all of the major carriers, LTL carriers, regional and miscellaneous carriers. We provide all rates and fees associated with all carriers, including UPS, for rate comparison purposes.

What is the business model?
Our core business is the development and enhancement of shipping solutions that supports multiple carriers to optimize shipping functionality throughout the enterprise on a global scale. Customers obtain licenses for software and shipper and carrier components. Licenses are sold by our reseller partners and Independant Software Vendors, through our Solutions Support Department, and via UPS Customer Solutions. Software license update subscriptions are sold annually. Patches, updates and maintenance are all included with the license and the yearly subscriptions; no additional or hidden costs are involved. Patches are issued for any identified software bugs and to provide carrier updates for compliance and rate changes.

Software Solutions

How can I save money on shipping by using ConnectShip solutions?
  • Integrate the shipping system across all platforms to provide better visibility throughout the order pipeline
  • Access to new markets with built-in international carrier compliance
  • Use one system to manage all workstations, locations, and distribution points
  • Accommodate just-in-time shipments to manage lower inventory levels
  • Make strategic decisions based on real-time data
  • Make decisions at order entry stage where business rules and carriers can be specified
  • Determine where efficiencies can be gained in the order-to-cash process
  • Compare carrier services and rates worldwide, based on your specific business rules
  • Use current rates to bill customers to recover shipping costs and up-charge for shipping
  • Use technology to automate systems to reduce number of employees required to perform manual tasks and to improve performance
  • Reduce instances of human error

What solutions does ConnectShip offer?
View our solution offerings.

How do I become a reseller of ConnectShip solutions?
Learn more about joining our Partner network.

What is Progistics?
Progistics is the name of our patented technology that enables corporate-wide visibility into transportation management. Progistics API is a flexible set of tools for developing customer shipping functionality and applications on which to build an integrated enterprise solution.

How can I determine which solution is best for my company?
To determine which shipping solution is best for your unique business, speak to a Solutions Support representative about your existing and planned shipping needs. Consider the following factors:
  • Plans for expansion into markets in other countries or other vertical
  • Increased or decreased package volume (including returns)
  • Integration with enterprise resource planning, warehouse management, or supply chain management systems
  • Number of distribution centers, warehouses, locations that need to be connected to and managed remotely to process shipments
  • Labor costs of the employees who do manual processes such as rate comparisons, order processing, warehouse and shipping procedures, returned shipment handling
Our solution is not one-size-fits-all. A representative from ConnectShip can help you evaluate your needs in a consultative, fact-finding session.

Who can we contact to tell me more about your software and solutions?
Please contact our Solutions Support Department if you would like to learn more about the ConnectShip products.

Carriers and Services

What carriers, and from what origin countries, do you support?
For a complete list of supported carriers, services, and shipping origin countries and territories, view our Carriers page.

Are you compliant with all of the carriers?
We support the major carriers, the most common and widely used services and many services that are specific to a particular carrier or country/territory. Review the Carriers page, which lists all of the carriers and services we support by country/territory and by carrier. If you do not see the type of service or the carrier that you need, contact our Solutions Support Department to discuss your specific needs. We support shipments from over 200 origin countries and territories.

Note: When comparing vendors or researching a solution, be aware that it is not feasible for any shipping software provider to support all of the world's carriers and/or all of the services due to the large number of small parcel, LTL and freight carriers and their available services. Make sure that the vendor you select supports the carrier and carrier services that your business requires or is willing to become compliant with that carrier and/or service.

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