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ConnectShip Solutions Allow Manufacturers to Focus on Parts not Parcels

Every operation in the industrial manufactoring industry that is part of the supply chain is unique and can benefit from a tailor-made shipping solution. That is where ConnectShip excels. We understand that warehouses, distributors, and manufacturers who are profitable in the global marketplace rely heavily on efficient inbound/outbound package and freight movement, intuitive technologies, and the ability to minimize costs throughout their entire operation.

We have more than 3 decades of experience providing highly customizable multi-carrier shipping solutions that scale with companies shipping volumes, locations, and complex processes. Many of our solutions are component-based, meaning, we can help companies build the solution that provides exactly what they need and nothing extra. Our technology is compatible with multiple platforms, development languages,

Cloud or On-Premise Options
We offer a variety of solutions, from stand-alone to deeply integrated, on-premise to in the cloud
Convenient, Comprehensive Training
We offer comprehensive training, both online and in our Tulsa training facility
Professional Integration Services
Our network of trained 3rd party integrators know our solutions and the complex needs of your industry

Data Security
Our Data center has 99.99% availability, high-level security, robust data backup, and disaster recovery plans
High-Speed Processing
Our solutions are proven to process high volumes at high speeds
Expert Support
We have an expert support staff that is available by phone or online case manager

Logistical Needs of the Manufacturing Industry

The scalability and flexibility of ConnectShip solutions means that manufacturers can adjust to the market demand without integrating new systems. ConnectShip is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UPS and supports the majority of UPS services as well as the services of other carriers.

  • Create carrier-compliant shipping labels and electronic postage for international and regional carriers
  • Reduce errors with built-in business rules, address validation, and custom address books
  • Ready-made forms and international documents (Export Declarations, invoices, etc.
  • Universal (“Miscellaneous”) components provide the framework to create custom carriers and shipping labels, internal routing labels, and documents
  • Cloud and hybrid options reduce onboarding costs and ongoing IT expenses
  • Automatic code updates keep applications current with no maintenance effort
  • Easy integration with WMS, ERP, and other business system interfaces
  • Tracking, reporting, and administrator tools provide centralized visibility and management across the entire enterprise
  • Innovative returns solutions, like returns via mobile device, increase customer satisfaction
  • Secure multi-tenant data handling and fast high-volume processing