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ConnectShip Solutions Allow Retailers To Focus On Sales

Technology continues to change how the retail industry operates. Consumer expectations have risen to a new level. Retailers are finding that to meet customer demands, they must gain visibility and respond proactively in a multitude of areas, including customer service and inventory management. Our solutions allow retailers to keep customers happy. We help you excel in the marketplace by keeping costs low and customer expectations high. ConnectShip solutions offer superior carrier compliance, rate comparisons between carriers, and inventory control capabilities globally.
Customer Service
ConnectShip solutions provide retail customers with a choice of carriers and services.
Carrier Compliance
Carrier compliant shipping means less down time and lower cost for you, and faster delivery for customers.
Inventory Control
Retailers can extend coordination of data to achieve greater efficiency in operations
Greater Visibility
Accelerated returns notifications give retailers more visibility into inventory and operations

Our solutions offer the speed and simplicity that customers expect and the data and information that retailers need.

Retailers Love ConnectShip Shipping Solutions

Retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers that ship 10,000+ packages per year will find ConnectShip shipping solutions ideal. Our flexible products and components provide the following and more.

  • Shipping labels and electronic postage for international and regional carriers
  • Real-time side-by-side rate and service comparison with scheduled delivery dates
  • Support for carrier-published, custom, or contract rate sets
  • Address validation, commercial/residential identifier (US), address books, and custom reference fields
  • International shipping, with foreign currency support and customs forms
  • Custom internal warehouse routing labels (barcode, QR, RFID, and custom reference field support)
  • Cloud shipping solutions that offer secure multi-tenant cloud-based data storage
  • Mobile solutions with options for customers with pre-arranged shipping or returns
  • Shipping engines that integrate seamlessly in the background with WMS, ERP, or other business system interfaces

We have many options available to meet your specific needs...

Cloud or On-Premise Options
We offer a variety of solutions, from simple stand-alone to deeply integrated, on-premise to in the cloud
We offer comprehensive online and classroom training to partners and customers
Integrators Available
Our network of trained 3rd party integrators know our solutions and the complex needs of retail shippers

Data center with 99.99% system availability, high-level security, robust data backup and disaster recovery plans
Proven to process high volumes at high speeds
Expert support staff is available by phone or via online case manager

Attention Resellers and Systems Integrators
Are you someone who expertly matches retail clients with the appropriate warehouse and logistics systems? You will be impressed by the way our shipping solutions integrate seamlessly with ERP, WMS, OMS, TMS, POS, and other business systems. Let ConnectShip help you help your clients.