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Integrate Toolkit with your existing systems and give your order process the visibility into shipping data it needs.

Serve the shipping needs of a global enterprise by utilizing a centrally located solution.

Rest easy and know we've handled your carrier compliance.

Which Toolkit Option Is Your Perfect Solution?

ConnectShip Toolkit is a full featured, server-based shipping API known industry-wide for its scalability and reliability. Toolkit integrates with TMS, WMS, ERP, order management, e-commerce, or other business systems using industry standard interfaces such as .NET, XML web services, and COM. Toolkit connects to both Windows and non-Windows platforms and offers unlimited customization and scalability options.

Toolkit Cloud enables online (cloud-based) access to the ConnectShip Toolkit API solution online, without the requirement to install a dedicated, onsite server – reducing the need for IT resources. Toolkit Cloud is available in a pay-as-you-go model, again reducing the initial investment cost. Toolkit Cloud gives you a powerful and flexible technology base for building applications, and offers the flexibility to evolve with your future business needs.

Toolkit Merchant is a highly scalable shipment rating API that allows you to integrate rating functionality into your existing e-commerce stores and enterprise applications. Toolkit Merchant, through XML interfaces, allows you to include your available/negotiated rates and services into your TMS, WMS, ERP, or other applications so that customers can compare and select services that most fits their needs.
Multi-Carrier Shipping Made Easy!

Toolkit provides users with shipping rates, time-in-transit commitments, tracking numbers, shipping labels, and other documents required by package and freight carriers. It integrates to systems using industry-standard interfaces and enables the use of multiple carriers directly within your existing business applications and provides access to shipping functions throughout the order management cycle.
Solution Comparison
Features  Toolkit Toolkit Cloud Toolkit Merchant Warehouse
API interface: Integrates to business software or your custom screen
Customizable functionality and integration using scripting
Windows client application
Standards-based web service interface available
Creates shipping labels and other documents
Submits electronic shipping information to carriers
Quotes carrier-published rates or custom rates
Rates shipments with multiple carriers
Toolkit Toolkit Cloud Toolkit Merchant Warehouse
Provides time-in-transit calculations
Produces custom labels and other documents *
Custom carriers can be configured *
Locally installed
Hosted in the cloud
Allows small package shipping with multiple carriers
LTL shipping
LTL shipment rating
Toolkit Toolkit Cloud Toolkit Merchant Warehouse
Returns carrier tracking numbers
Allows for multiple shipping stations/locations
Processes moderate to high daily parcel shipments
Pay-as-you-go pricing available
Built in address book
Haz Mat support
International Shipping
*Additional fees may apply

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A highly customizable component that gives you full customization control.
A full-featured client-server shipping management application.
International carrier components that will empower your global strategy.
Interested in the power and flexibility of Toolkit but prefer a cloud-managed solution? Toolkit Cloud may be a perfect fit!
Companies like boboli, Outdoor Cap, and ProPack found our Toolkit solution to be a perfect fit.

“ConnectShip quickly provided us functionalities that, otherwise, we would have had to develop ourselves; Like the consolidation of packages that are processed over different days for one shipment. [Toolkit] allows us to think of future projects like the integration of different carriers using the same technology, with all the information coming from the same data source.” [Translated] - Cristina Algas, Head of Operations, boboli

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