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July 5, 2011 - ConnectShip announces launch of two new technologies

At the ConnectShip Technology Conference in June, ConnectShip announced the launch of two new software technologies which will be available in the next release of their patented shipping software.

Progistics AMP (Advanced Message Processor) is a standards-based messaging interface for Progistics. It supports published web service standards like SOAP and WSDL as well as custom XML and binary messages. Its primary goal is to streamline integration between ConnectShip software and external systems when making calls using the Progistics .NET APIs is not possible or convenient. Progistics AMP also supports a variety of communications protocols including HTTP/S, TCP sockets, and MSMQ. It may also be used with or without IIS.

Progistics AMP is not specifically a replacement for the current XML Processor functionality, but it should be considered the next generation web service/messaging interface. XML Processor will continue to operate side-by-side with Progistics AMP.

Global Server Component is a new Server Component designed to facilitate rating, routing and shipping from worldwide origins. It allows you to create configurable carriers with custom services, business rules, rates, fees, zones, commitments, and bundling criteria. The Global Server Component offers several significant advantages over the Miscellaneous Server Component, including end-of-day manifests with custom formats and electronic uploads, additional rating options including pallet-based and deficit rating, and shipment-level tracking numbers. For a side-by-side comparison, see this feature matrix.

Since the Global Server Component supports the creation of custom carriers, you can add smaller or regional carriers that aren't currently supported by ConnectShip.