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(Hoofddorp, Netherlands) August 03, 2015 -- Pantechnik International, a leading provider of transportation management software, announced the availability of the Pantechnik International Component, a ConnectShip and Pantechnik collaborative technology. ConnectShip is a multi-carrier shipping solution provider based in the U.S. The component broadens the selection of international carriers available to companies who ship from Europe and Asia. Using the Pantechnik International Component, companies can quickly onboard more than 150 international carriers from a large international carrier component library.

The on-premise component connects high-volume shippers in North America who are using the ConnectShip Toolkit API to the Pantechnik transportation management software, GSA365. Pantechnik enables connectivity with hundreds of express (small package) and LTL carriers in Europe and Asia, including local carriers within China.

Announcing the partnership and the launch of the Pantechnik International Component, Pantechnik CEO, Mark Nicholls said, "The component is a major step forward in uniting U.S. and European technology platforms. We are delighted to be working with ConnectShip on such an important venture for both businesses."

The Pantechnik International Component is available from ConnectShip (contact us).

Read more about the partnership and component capabilities.

About Pantechnik International

Pantechnik is a leading supplier of transportation management software, providing business-critical multi-carrier shipping solutions for corporate clients throughout the world.

Shipping solutions powered by Pantechnik call on our specialist carrier technology teams in London, Amsterdam, Singapore and Shanghai and a vast library of worldwide carrier components plus patented Pantechnik tools to support the continuous development of new solutions.

In addition to the Pantechnik International component, the company has its own world-ready software platform delivering increased operational efficiency and improved supply chain visibility for enterprise clients in Europe and Asia through fully-integrated and customised software as a service solutions.

About ConnectShip

ConnectShip, Inc. and iShip, Inc. are wholly owned, independent subsidiaries of UPS that provide on-premise and off-premise multi-carrier shipping solutions for enterprise and mid-sized companies under one brand, ConnectShip. The companies extend patented multi-carrier technology to third-party transportation solution providers and large-volume shippers throughout North America and Europe. Twenty percent of the top 100 Fortune 500 companies rely on ConnectShip |iShip to provide carrier compliant labels, documentation, and electronic manifesting for small package, LTL and air freight shipments. With more than 35 years of experience in shipping and software development, ConnectShip I iShip provides a powerful compliance engine for multi-carrier, multi-modal shipping optimization.

Media Contact: Susan Barron, Pantechnik International, susan.barron@pantechnikinternational.com, 44+(203) 772-8748